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Hi, I am Marina, a destination wedding photographer who works in a Paradise called Riviera Maya. My photos are simple, elegant and fresh, they transmit love and happiness. I carefully build each shoot before making a click, that is why my pictures don’t need months of editing and they will be ready no later than two weeks after the big day.

I know how much effort you have put into this special day and understand the feelings involved and your commitment to each other. I also understand the importance of the search for the perfect dress and the perfect place, and I know that you want to keep these memories forever. There is no better way to ensure their permanence then to entrust yourself to the eye of a photographer who can preserve them for you. You need someone who can capture your emotions, and those of your family and friends. You need someone who will be able to create a photograph that 25 years from now will bring you back to that event.

I understand the trust my clients put in me and I know this special occasion is unique. Thus my mission as photographer is to reflect the happiness, love, and joy of that day so that it can be felt years from now by your children and grandchildren looking at the photographs.                                                                      

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                                                                                                                                     

What is required to book my day?

I only require 20% of the wedding package to book your date, it can be done via PayPal, the balance can be paid at the wedding day or days before if it's better for you. I am very flexible with this.

How and when we can see our wedding photos?

It usually takes 2-3 weeks for me to edit your photos, I carefully choose them and go one by one to edit all your photos, sometimes in peak season it can take me a little more. Remember that patience often leads to better results. All my packages are digital, I use an online service to give you your wedding photos, it has a password protection so all of them are safe, you can download your wedding photos with one single click from this gallery, it's super easy.

Can I upload my wedding photos to Facebook?

Absolutely, in fact I believe in sharing, and I give you all your photos without watermarks, remember to tag me to receive feedback from your friends and relatives!

What kind of cameras do you have?

I'm proud of my equipment, I use Canon 5D Mark 3, also have prime L lenses for every occasion.

How many wedding photos will I get?

About 50-60 photos per hour, to be honest, I always deliver more than that!!

Do you offer albums?

Yes I do! My albums takes approximately 2 months to be completed. I carefully choose the best shoots, share our decision with you, and then do the design and printing. The albums are custom designed specially for you. All the albums have edge-to-edge printing, and open out flat to allow images to be spread right across two pages with no loss of the image in the centre crease.

Will you take photos of the groom as well as the bride before the wedding?

It all depends on the package and time,but I usually work with second shooter, so i never miss important moment!

What is not included in the price?

Sometimes the hotels charges extra if you're not using their photographers, it is the only thing that is not included in the prices.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes I do! I offer special discounts for weddings from Monday to Thursday, sometimes in late season we may offer you a discount too, just ask for it!

Your prices are not that high, why?

I think you should have the best wedding photos and yet affordable, You have already invest enough in your big day, your friends and relatives are coming to Cancun or Tulum and probably they will pay also a lot of money for that, I believe in fair trade and we charge what it is, not more, neither less. I am ranked in Top 10 Mexico Wedding Photographers on!!

I don't want to be in your website gallery or blog, can you remove my photos?

Of course! Although I believe in sharing and I would like to post your wedding photos, if you don't agree with that you can always send me an email and I will remove them no questions asked.

where can I leave you a review?

I love reviews! they help me to improve our performance and be better, it will also help me a lot if you share your reviews on my Facebook page . There are many Cancun Wedding Photographers outthere, I want to be find on internet.

Something happened and I need to Cancel / Change my date

I'm Reserving the day for you, even if it's a 1 hour service or a 12 hours Wedding, I'm very flexible and if you need to change the day and I have it available there is no problem at all. If I have the day busy or you need to cancel the service, there is no refund of the 20% booking fee.



As a Wedding Photographer in Cancun, Mexico I welcome the new law that guarantees marriage equality. In February 2016, the law in Mexico changed, opening the door to Same Sex Marriages and giving the same rights to all couples to be recognised as a family. We celebrate this change. As the song says ¨All you need is love.¨




Yes I Love to have family photography sessions! I have experience working in many Hotels and Villas in Cancun, just ask for 1 or 2 hours pricing and Ill be happy to provide it with some examples of our family sessions!